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We have teamed up with two of the top document and data processing companies in the U.S., Continuum Worldwide and USADATA to offer registered producers a unique lead generation marketing and mail program that offers a complete start-to-finish solution with the lowest rates available and negotiated specifically for us.

Designed with the producer in mind, this program gives you the opportunity to manage everything in one place while focusing on what matters most, your business. Registered producers will be able to build a customized list of contacts based on their targeted demographics, business types, employee size and sales volume. Once the list is built, producers are able to select their mailers, personalize them and order a distribution to the selected list.

Our partners, Continuum Worldwide, will manage the printing and mailing of the personalized materials, and have locked in some of the lowest rates available from the U.S. Postal Service. The overall cost of using this system is less than the what you would spend taking a file to your local Staples or Kinko's/FedEx and having it printed for you, and the results are comparable to that of most professional print houses. Added to that is the additional feature that all responses to the campaign are reported back to you within the same business day that they were received. You'll also receive a complete list of all mail that was returned or non-deliverable for whatever reason so you can track exactly how many recipients actually received your content.

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